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Inventory Labels

Let us help you find the best solution for your inventory management.

We have printed tens of thousands of inventory labels for our clients and have helped these customers formulate an effective numbering system for their needs. Save money and time by trusting us as your inventory label provider.

Label Information:

What is an inventory label?

An inventory label is a label used for the sole purpose of inventory management. 


An inventory label can contain any number of components. The example below has a unique designation for ZONE (OA), AISLE, BAY, TIER, BIN, BARCODE and an ARROW to indicate whether the items at this location are above or below the label. Inventory labels can also be very simple, for example, only having AISLE and BIN for designations.

Industries that require this label:

Inventory labels are most commonly used for inventory management and tracking.
Most commonly they are utilized in the following industries: 

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