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FNSKU Labels – Fulfillment by Amazon

We print our FNSKU Labels directly to Amazon’s specifications.

We have printed millions of FNSKU Labels for Amazon customers and have helped these customers navigate Amazon’s complex system. Save money and time by trusting us as your FNSKU Label provider.

You must get an FNSKU if you plan on shipping products to customers if you’re a Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) seller.

As for the labeling, you may use the FNSKU that Amazon provides or the UPC that you used to register your product. You will have to verify with Amazon which is appropriate for your item’s requirements.

What are the requirements for a FNSKU label?

The label that you place on each unit must include the following information:

  • Barcode, with appropriate quiet zone areas (white space around the barcode)
  • FNSKU: An identifier used by Amazon fulfillment centers to identify each unique product. This is the identifier that is printed on product-level labels and this is how Amazon identifies every Unit you send.
  • Title and description
  • Condition (ex: USED) Describes the condition of this Unit.
  • Optional merchant-specified information

Note: The merchant-specified information field is reserved for text only. Do not use any additional barcodes. Any additional information you provide may affect the accuracy and speed of inventory tracking. 

Label Information:

What is a FNSKU label?

FNSKU stands for Fulfillment Network Stock Keeping Unit.
This label exists so that Amazon can connect your products to you, the merchant, once they arrive in their fulfillment centers.

Industries that require this label:

Amazon Fulfillment

FNSKU Labels Available

1.50 x 1.00
1.50 x 1.50
2.00 x 1.00
2.625 x 1.00
1.50 x 1.00
1.50 x 1.50
2.00 x 0.50
2.00 x 1.00
2.00 x 2.00
2.50 x 1.00

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Pricing per Label:

Starting at $0.07 per label going to as low as <$0.01 per label.