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ITF-14/SCC-14 Labels

We print our ITF-14/SCC-14 Labels directly to GS1’s specifications.

We have printed millions of ITF-14/SCC-14 labels for customers and have helped our clients navigate labeling requirements around the globe for over a decade. Save money and time by trusting us as your label provider, no matter the label type.

Label Information:

What is an ITF-14/SCC-14 Label?

The ITF-14 barcode is used to create the Shipping Container Symbol. This code is used to mark cartons and pallets that include goods with an EAN-13 barcode. One digit is added in front of the EAN-13 barcode to mark the packing variant.

What do the digits on an ITF-14/SCC-14 label represent?

The first digit is the “Logistic Variant”, also named as “Packaging indicator.” The next 12 digits are representing the product number. Generally this is the EAN-13 number without the check digit.

The last digit located on the far right side of a barcode is the check digit. The purpose of a check digit is to verify that the information on the barcode has been entered correctly.


The name ITF-14 is a composition of the barcode symbol used: “Interleaved 2 of 5” (Code 25 Interleaved) and the 14 digits: the length of the container symbol. ITF is an abbreviation of “Interleaved Two of Five.” The ITF-14 barcode itself can optionally have a thick solid bar all around the main code. They are called “bearer-bars.” Printed on labels the bearer bars can be located above and below the barcode. When printed directly onto corrugated cardboard, it is recommended to print with bearer bars on all sides.

This symbol was introduced to help users print scannable barcodes directly onto corrugated packaging as it is larger than EAN/UPC symbols and has a simpler pattern of bars and spaces that is easier for scanners to decode. 

It always encodes a GTIN and is chiefly used on outer cases (trade item groupings) and it cannot be scanned at the Retail Point-of-Sale.

Industries that require this label:

Almost all businesses generally use ITF-14 symbols on packaging levels of a product, such as a case box of 24 cans of soup. The ITF-14 will always encode 14 digits.

ITF-14/SCC-14 Labels Available

3.00 x 2.00
4.00 x 2.00
4.00 x 2.50
4.00 x 3.33
4.00 x 4.00
3.00 x 2.00
4.00 x 2.00
4.00 x 3.00
4.00 x 4.00

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Pricing per Label:

Pricing: Starting at $0.24 per label going to as low as <$0.03 per label.