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Plastic Bag Suffocation Warning Labels

We print our Suffocation Warning Labels exactly to State and Amazon’s FBA specifications. 

We have printed Suffocation Warning labels for numerous customers and have helped our clients navigate both governmental regulations and private companies (such as Amazon’s “Fulfillment By Amazon”) specifications and labeling requirements. Save money and time by trusting us as your label provider, no matter the label type.

Label Information:

What are Suffocation Warning Labels?

According to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, an average of 25 reports are received each year detailing deaths of children who suffocated due to plastic bags with almost 90 percent of these instances being with children under one year of age.

These statistics have prompted some states, cities and private companies to mandate Suffocation Warnings on the type of plastic bags that can lead to suffocation.

Are “Suffocation Warning” Labels Required By Law?

While there are currently no federal laws requiring warning labels on plastic bags, five states and two cities require suffocation warnings (namely California, Massachusetts, New York, Rhode Island, Virginia, New York City and Chicago) and have enacted their own legislation, with regard to Suffocation Warning Labels for plastic bags.

Though the aforementioned states and cities have differences in the specific language they suggest to use for a “Suffocation Warning,” the following warning is universally accepted.

“Warning: To avoid danger of suffocation, keep this plastic bag away from babies and children. Do not use this bag in cribs, beds, carriages, or playpens. This bag is not a toy.”

Industries that require this label:

Amazon FBA & Other Merchant and Marketplace Requirements – Fulfillment by Amazon (“Amazon FBA”) is becoming popular for many online marketplace sellers. With Amazon FBA, your orders are fulfilled by Amazon for a fee that covers storage and order handling. 

That said, Amazon has a whole host of packaging requirements, including Suffocation Warning Labels on certain types of plastic (poly) bags. It’s important to keep this in mind when using the FBA service and putting it in the hands of the professionals at Bar Codes Talk is the easiest way to do this successfully.

Suffocation Warning Labels Available

1.50 x 0.75
1.50 x 1.00
1.50 x 1.50
1.75 x 0.50
2.00 x 0.50
2.00 x 1.00
1.50 x 0.75
1.50 x 1.00
1.50 x 1.50
2.00 x 0.50
2.00 x 1.00
2.00 x 2.00
2.50 x 1.00
Tag “E” – 1.375 x 2.75
Tag “A” – 1.50 x 1.375

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Pricing per Label:

Starting at $0.07 per label going to as low as <$0.01 per label.