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Grainger Labels

We print our Grainger Labels directly within Grainger’s specification 

We have printed tens of thousands of Grainger labels for our clients and have helped these customers safely navigate Grainger’s labeling requirements. Save money and time by trusting us as your Grainger label provider.

Label Information:

What is a Grainger label?

Grainger, like many industrial distributors, requires their suppliers to put special labels on their products so the product will get into the distribution system without a hitch. Many suppliers to distributors may not have the ability to make barcodes in house. This is where we come in. US Labels specializes in preprinted barcode labels and also in setting suppliers up to print their own barcode labels. The key is to understand the Grainger barcode requirements. 

What kind of barcode does Grainger need?

Grainger requires a special symbology. The Grainger barcode is alpha and numeric and there are only a few symbologies that work with both. The 3 of 9 code, also known as the code 39, meets these requirements. The code 128A is also an alpha numeric code and acceptable to Grainger.

What is the process of barcoding a Grainger item?

The process of barcoding a Grainger item begins with the Grainger New Item Addition Process where the supplier is provided a Grainger Stock Number. This stock number can have a master pack quantity, and ship pack quantity, and a sell pack quantity. These are key elements in understanding the correct barcode needed. I like to think of it as a case of beer, a six pack, and a can. If it can be sold as any of the three, then it needs a barcode.
Many suppliers can integrate the barcode right into the packaging, but if this packaging goes to other distributors as well, then a specific label could be a better alternative so there is no confusion as to which barcode is for which system or customer.
For suppliers that wish to print in house, there is a specific barcode printing system designed as a cost efficient package to perform this activity in house. Most suppliers do not want to dedicate the manpower to printing labels, so they outsource the label printing to us.

How do I purchase Grainger labels through US Labels?

If you do decide on purchasing the Grainger labels through us, we can usually print them within 24 hours and ship them to you already approved by Grainger and ready to just stick on the package and ship right out. If a product is sold in a master pack, sell pack, and ship pack, then there will be a total of three labels for every SKU (stock keeping unit). In the beer example, there would be a sell pack that would have (1) Can, a ship pack (6) Pack, and a master pack (24) Case. The numbers indicate how many are inside.
Make sure to send a pdf, or jpg, of your label to Grainger for approval before you print and place them on your products. Grainger must approve all labels before you start sending products. Once your template is approved, you are ready to go.
It is always great news to find out that you have been selected as a Grainger supplier, but getting through the details of having your items set up in their system can be overwhelming. That is where we come in. We can help with all of this to get your product labeling approved and through their system.
Just give us a call on any of your Grainger label needs. We have helped thousands of Grainger suppliers and look forward to helping you.

What are the label specifications for a Grainger label?

Recommended Stock Sizes:

Exceptions are made on a sample approval basis

Components of a Grainger Label:

Valid (UOM) is required to include the pack quantity in the lower left hand corner of the Sell Pack labels.
Valid (UOM) descriptions are:
EA = Each
PR = Pair
PK = Pack

Alpha-Numeric Digits above barcode (Defining Pack or Each)
Alpha-Numberic Digits on the right-hand corner below barcode (Mf. Model #)

Industries that require this label:


Grainger Labels Available


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Pricing per Label:

Starting at $0.07 per label going to as low as <$0.01 per label.