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ITF-14 / SCC-14

itf14 barcode

The ITF-14 barcode is used to create the Shipping Container Symbol. This code is used to mark cartons and palettes that are including goods with an EAN-13 code. One digit is added in front of the EAN-13 code to mark the packing variant.

  • The first digit is the “Logistic Variant”, also named as “Packaging indicator”.
  • The next 12 digits are representing the product number. General this the EAN-13 number without the check digit.
  • The last digit is the check digit.

The name ITF-14 is a composition of the barcode symbol used: “Interleaved 2 of 5” (Code 25 Interleaved) and the 14 digits: the length of the container symbol. ITF is an abbreviation of “Interleaved Two of Five”

The ITF-14 barcode itself can optionally have a thick solid bar all around the main code. They are called “bearer-bars”.