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EAN-18 / NVE / SSCC-18

SSCC18 barcode

The SSCC-18 (Serial Shipping Container Code) is used throughout the supply chain as an identifier for item tracing and internal control. In Germany this code is called EAN 18/NVE (Nummer der Versandeinheit). It is always 18 digits long:

  • The first two numbers are the Application Identifier of the EAN-128: (00). You cannot change them. They are part of the code.
  • The first digit of the data field is the extension digit. Currently a “3” is standard.
  • The next 7 digits is the company prefix.
  • The following 9 digits are the serial reference number.

The SSCC-18 / EAN-18 / NVE is displayed using the symbology of EAN-128. The Application Identifier (00) is added automatically and must not be entered by you.