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Code 39 Extended

code39 barcode

Code 39 Extended is an extended version of Code 39 that supports the ASCII character set. So with Code 39 Extended you can also code the 26 lower letters (a-z) and the special characters you have on your keyboard.

The additional characters (e.g. lower case letters) are created using the existing characters of Code 39 by combining two characters each.

Code 39 Extended is also available with a check digit. This check digit is calculated according to Modulo 43. ActiveBarcode offers you both options. IF you create a code using the Text “C39ex” of type “Code 39 Extended” (#10) this barcode will be shown without a check digit:

And here is the code if you use the Type “Code 39 ExtendedChecksum” (#27) width a check digit calculated according to Modulo 43: